The absolute reference

– 416 pages
– 17 × 24 cm
– Hard cover
– ISBN : 978-2-88256-204-3

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Written with precision and verve, this book not only provides all the necessary tools to use when speaking, in a concrete manner, to spiritual guides and to the deceased, it also and above all stresses the need to adopt a practice that is healthy for both body and mind. Indeed, there are considerable differences between individual forms of practice which range from very healthy to very harmful. In the same manner, no person who sees spirits or hears voices can be qualified as schizophrenic – far from it, as we shall see!

The reader who is seeking an understanding of humans in their states of consciousness will obtain simple and precise instructions. Anyone who is seeking to serve others through healing will find the appropriate tools.

In discussing death this book brings us closer to life. Awakening comes through practice, and anyone can practice. What makes people different is how sincerely they want to succeed.

Through its methodological approach, this work elucidates the mystery behind sensitivity, a mystery which is transfixed by the magic of poetry.

Available now in French under the title of Au-delà d’un Défunt: Médiumnité et Guérison au Quotidien [“Beyond the Dead: Daily Healing and Mediumship”], this magisterial reference work will soon be available in English in its entirety under the title “Spirit Life & Science: Understanding your Gifts of Healing and Mediumship”. Please check back often for updates!

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