Critique by Dr. Laura Martignon, professor at the University of Education in Ludwigsburg and research associate at the Max Plank Institute for Educational Research

Hannes Jacob’s book is both a spiritual study and a scientific treatise. Indeed, the intention is obviously a spiritual one, yet his work adroitly overcomes a double challenge: that of bringing together and captivating the reader with esoteric leanings, the therapist, and also the scientist, each one respectively seeking explanations for phenomena that are still looked upon as enigmatic; and that of providing a text and vocabulary which are accessible to the layperson who is interested in spiritual development as well as informed scientific elements of interest to the scholarly specialist. His accounts allow a great many notions to be demystified and take the reader on a parallel journey filled with magic – the magic of Life!

The spirit is considered from a dualistic approach, in which it is both separate from the body while being intimately connected to it – to the point that it can heal it and, if necessary, free it. The descriptions of the cerebral processes that take place during mediumistic work include a scientific dimension. The section on the Hannes Jacob syndrome, for example, is written in scientific language.

The book contains biographical accounts of the author’s life. These accounts are important, as they explain the origins of the author’s motivation. They also introduce the most pertinent topics in the book.

For example, the author describes a particular experience related to a dream that led him to hike from western Switzerland to Venice. He was transcended by this experience as it turned out to be an intensely spiritual one which brought a reward that went beyond the scope of the matter. In this scene, the reader can easily grasp how a spiritual adventure such as hiking to Venice and coming back can become a pilgrimage of the spirit and generate an unexpected feeling of spiritual joy.

Another of the author’s accounts is the one in which he left to find his family origins. Being of Greek descent, he finally discovered his family with no assistance from any official administration, but through spiritual guidance.

The major part of the book is devoted to healing, distance healing and mediumistic activities.

During experiments using an EEG (electroencephalogram) and N.I.R.S. (Near Infra-Red Spectroscopy), Jacob’s neuronal correlate as a medium was recorded and is described in this book. These experiments, which were carried out in Switzerland and in Germany, clearly reveal phenomena that are of great importance in understanding the neuronal bases of mediumship. Olivia Boa’s illustrations are relevant as they facilitate understanding of the phenomena that occur during these phases.

Moreover, the author shows how his spiritual energy is capable of provoking distinct variations in the EEG frequency bands of patients, even at a distance. The frequencies measured revealed, in particular, states that were similar to sleep or to deep sleep, or those of the kind that appear in certain severe pathologies such as Grand Mal epileptic seizures or some types of coma.

Physicians who collaborate with Hannes Jacob confirm that he controls different states of consciousness, as he is able to reduce his cerebral activities to a Delta state in only a few seconds. The author has empirically demonstrated that he has touched the patients with his energy therapy. In a combined study which included EEG, while the author was carrying out a treatment, one patient showed very distinctive changes in his EEG. It must be noted that the patient was not in the same room as Hannes Jacob. Furthermore, he was not informed of the time frame in which the treatment was carried out and thus did not know when it started and ended. Despite this, his brain reacted at the very second the treatment ceased.

The Hannes Jacob syndrome is one of the cornerstones of the book. Here the author proposes a therapy for so-called schizophrenic conditions which are actually sensitive disorders. Mediumistic work that involves spiritual or energy channeling is carried out on the patient, which helps to rebalance his spirit.

What takes place during a crisis in the mind of a person who has been falsely diagnosed as schizophrenic is, according to Jacob, a fortuitous and repeated reception of information that is naturally present in the environment. Healing is therefore linked to a channeling of the patient’s energies.

The book discusses notions taken from Oriental religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism and other schools of thought. It describes energetic fields and their chakras and explains how they are related to the body and spirit.

Hannes Jacob advocates humility as the greatest virtue for becoming a medium. The reader will see that the author is a great medium, who appears both humble and confident throughout the book. His style is decisive and very precise.

In complement, the reader will also find transcripts of philosophical and metaphysical messages from the guide Jonathan that invite the reader to reflect on and question himself about his life. Readers of all levels, whether they wish to begin, consolidate or develop their practice, will be delighted with the practical exercises. Thus this is also a handbook.

This work is extremely clear and well-written. It is an excellent introduction to a field that is often linked to esoteric activities or opinions. It shows us that modern humans need to take spiritual life more seriously than they do in their mad daily rush. It invites the reader to take a break, to meditate and even to pray.

I highly recommend this book as reading for anyone who is interested in learning about the essence of life and in practicing mediumship. It is particularly pertinent for scientists in general. The innovative ideas presented in this book should receive funding in order to bring forward further empirical proof regarding the Hannes Jacob syndrome and the mediums’ potential for healing.

Laura Martignon, PhD