Schizophrenic really?

Who am I?
What’s happening to me?
I’m sure I am right
Why can’t anyone see what I see?
Who am I?
What’s happening to me?
Don’t you hear anything, then?
I can’t blame you
I’ve gone beyond my senses.
My eyes are all around my head
And other places too
Who am I?
What’s happening to me?
I’m shivering at every breeze.
My body feels like Fibreglass
I’m invaded by my senses
All at the same time
My brain feels like pulp
Where is yours?
Divine, where are you?
The mirage leads me astray
The city that I see
Isn’t there at all
Although it’s its reflection
It really exists
Healthy earth
I miss your roots
Welcome me
As ashes if it must be


I am the age
that you read in my eyes
my body
is as old as the earth
my soul
as eternity


The worst thing isn’t
That we are missing out on life.
The worst is
That we know it.

The Road

There is no road to there
Because it’s not a place
Is inside you
And that is why
It is so far


I was brooding, without work,
No money and broken dreams
When my guide whispered to me:
“Ripe, shiny fruit
Is desired and eaten.
The fruit on the ground
Is trampled
Yet from it trees grow…”