Reader reviews :


« Finally a serious dialog between science and esoterism. »
Laura Martignon, PhD, Max Plank Institut

« I may be a medium, but I didn’t know all this… astonishing ! »
Maribel. Torrent, psychiatric nurse

« “I’m very Cartesian but this book really intrigues me and the deeper I get into it, the more I am overcome with emotion! »
Jacqueline. Tinguely, Editor

« Whether you are a scientist, a therapist, or an aspiring medium, this book is a read that is not only rewarding but also very healthy! »
Dr. François Moll, psychiatrist

« This is a book to have in one’s library – an encyclopedia of life ! »
Andrée Fauchère, writer

« As a medium, I have been familiar with the spirit world for some twenty years and I would never have thought that a book could strengthen my faith even more – and yet it did ! »
Béatrice Gygax, medium