Extraction of Pathological Information (EPI)

Extraction of Pathological Information (EPI) is the non-invasive alternative healing method recently developed by Hannes Jacob and practiced currently exclusively by himself in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. It is taught at Fréquences, Swiss school for healing, founded in 2005 by Hannes Jacob.


The entire treatment usually includes 2 sessions, each one lasting between 10 to 20 minutes. From the patient’s perspective, who is required to lie horizontally on the back and/or the stomach, the treatment consists of massaging several points on the body using natural oil for skin-protecting. For the treatment of certain conditions, the patient may be requested to additionally make contact with the problematic substance (such as an allergen or food substance) at the end of each treatment – a step which further supports the body in reinstating healthy neutral information.


This method is based on the understanding of the spiritual dimension of the human being.

During the entire human life, the human being continually writes new information to its non-physical part of the body. Life events with a certain degree of traumatic character can lead to pathological information, which eventually expresses itself in the physical body, in the form of a medical condition or pathology.

This method allows the practitioner – who acts as a passive channel through which spiritual energy is transmitted – to erase pathological information in the non-physical part of the patient’s body. This immaterial process in turn finds its material expression in the patient’s physical body, in the form of disappearing symptoms. The method thus allows for the removal of the underlying root cause of the medical problem, rather than the treatment of symptoms.

The method Extraction of Pathological Information (EPI) can thus be understood as the inverse use of the mechanism used in Pranism, where spiritual energy is used to materialize matter in the body in order to supply the required nourishment.

Application range

The method is not limited to any specific medical conditions or pathologies.

It has recently been used successfully for situations as various as pain relief treatment and reduction of side effects during chemotherapies, elimination of certain cancers, treatment of phobia, osteoarthrisis, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, migraine, menstruation pain, glaucoma and other ophthalmic disorders, generalized and chronic pain, allergic reaction to food substances, materials, pollen and other substances, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis (MS), eczema, gastric disorders, and other health disorders.