Hannes Jacob

Hannes has been a practitioner of energy transmission at his clinic in Neuchâtel since 1990. Director of the Fréquences Swiss School of Mediumship, which he founded in 2005, and graduate professor of mediumship with a degree from the Arthur Findlay college in London, he teaches spiritual healing, mediumship, Therapeutic Touch and meditation. He is also a SNU Approved Healer and lectured for 6 years at the Swiss Parapsychology Association in Bern. Since 2002, he has taught at the Centre for Preventive Health in Colombier, Switzerland. He studied Kriya Yoga with Swamiji Dharmananda Saraswati Maharaj who gave him his spiritual name, Mahãn, and goes on regular retreats to Buddhist monasteries to practice silent meditation. For many years he has been keenly interested in modified consciousness states and carried out numerous studies in the field. He has been the subject of a number of articles in various countries and has also been a guest speaker on television shows, in radio interviews, and at conferences in Switzerland.